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We began our journey as a trusted component supplier for numerous local beauty machine factories.
Over time, we have established ourselves as a reliable producer of spa equipment shells, accessories, and key digital components for beauty manufacturers across China.
We take pride in supplying high-quality shells and functional handles for the market’s most popular and cutting-edge models. Additionally, we provide ODM services to our professional clients who seek distinctive designs to complement their brand image.
To further enhance our capabilities, we have introduced our own mold-opening workshops, assembling lines, and a dedicated R&D team. This expansion allows us to offer an extensive range of spa equipment solution systems.
We are committed to delivering comprehensive solutions that cater to the diverse needs of our valued customers.
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Reliable business partner

We understand how important it is to keep your business schedule on track. To committed to ensuring that your business is not delayed or disrupted, we have dedicated workshops for plastic/metal/digital components and dedicated assembling line for different products. Our staff is stable and skillful to ensure production lead time. 

we conduct strict quality control procedures for different beauty machines and can promise full certifications. You can focus on sales without worrying about quality problems.

Averagely over 10 years’ experience R&D team, private mold-opening capability. We assist your business with customized products to differentiate with common beauty machines in market.

Your need and request will be response within 24 hours. Your order status is always updated and can be tracked in form of messages, e-mail, video or call. 

Customize your order step by step

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Initial inquiry

Contact us and tell us your initial requirements. We will response within 24 hours so that you can easily access our services. 

定制开发服务 爱给网 aigei com

Finalize solution

Confirm detail customization request and work out finalized solution. Agree on price, payment and production lead time etc. 

激光切割机 爱给网 aigei com


Products will be produced strictly following the agreed requirements. Pictures and videos will be provided for process tracing. 


Shipment and after sales

Status update will be informed timely after shipment. Your are always welcomed to approach if there is any after-sale follow up.

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