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A 40k ultrasonic cavitation machine uses low-radio frequency ultrasound waves to create tiny bubbles, or ‘cavities,’ inside fatty tissue. These cavities vibrate and cause the fat cells to break apart, turning them into liquid. Once broken down, this liquid is naturally filtered by the body’s own lymphatic system.

Lipo-laser emits low levels of laser energy, which creates a chemical signal in the fat cells, breaking down the stored triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol and releasing them though channels in the cell membranes.

More cavitation and lipo laser machines

Vacuum cavitation machine is more and more widely accepted as one of the most effective and easy way for body slimming and fat burning. We are launching various models that either combines more functions so that Spa owners can provide more treatments with 1 machine, or models with single/ less handles, so that they can choose only functions they need to save the cost.

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6 in 1 cavitation

This version is with high end design and bigger touchscreen.

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9 in 1 cavitation

This version is equipped with more probes not only for body, but also for face and head massage.

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5 in 1 cavitation

This version is equipped with cupping therapy, a very popular treatment for body contour.

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Portable cavitation

Single probe for fat burning.

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Portable body RF

Single probe for cellulite removal.

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Portable face and body RF

Must-have item for home use.

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Portable cavitation device

Mini device with all must have probes.

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BBL (Brazilian butt lift)

Non-invasive BBL (Brazilian butt lift) relies on vacuum suction technology to awaken fat cells deep within your tissue and redistribute the cells to create a fuller, rounder booty, or breast of course!

It can be used to break down fat cells, shift fat pockets to different areas and fully sculpt the affected area. Cupping can work as a solution for a variety of cosmetic needs including body contouring, sculpting, fat reduction, and even lymphatic system drainage.

Normally it comes with breast and butt lift cups, as well as a set of cupping therapy tools, including cups for different area and 3 metal massage handle, which are called fingertip moving.

It is the most popular machine for body sculpting!


This vacuum therapy device need to be used with a special design cups. The dedicated cup combines low-frequency bio-current to stimulate breast growth as well. 

Combines vibrating massage and red light therapy, it helps to promote blood circulation, speed up metabolism, enhance cell viability.

Cups for breast and butt enhancement

Miora beauty have the most complete cupping tools and accessories for non-surgical BBL, in various color, full size – 150ml/180ml/210ml/230ml. Provide better body sculpt experience with high quality machine and accessories.

紫色butt lift cups

Tall butt lift cups

粉色butt lift cups

Tall butt lift cups

透明body contouring cup

Tall butt lift cups

绿色 body contour cup

Tall butt lift cups

蓝色butt lift cups

Tall butt lift cups

橙色butt lift cups

Tall butt lift cups

粉色 1

Round butt lift cups


Round butt lift cups

body contour cup2

Peachy cup for butt lift

body contour cup1

Peachy cup for butt lift

More for body sculpting

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EMS, red-light therapy, vibrating.

body sculpting cup
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Wood therapy

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Transformational cupping


448Khz TECAR therapy

Tecar Therapy is a form of thermotherapy (it heals your body by creating heat inside it) based on radio waves. It is also known as capacitive and resistive electrical transfer. 

Capacitive mode concentrated on soft tissue area below the electrode. Targets fat and muscle.

Resistive mode concentrated in higher resistive tissue. For fascia and bone tissue.


Don’t forget we have CNC workshop to provide various case for you to choose. Work out a body contouring machine that meets your brand image and need.

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